Edgewood Premier FC offers open tryouts for all interested players for our club program. Soccer tryouts play a crucial role in forming competitive and skilled teams while providing opportunities for players to grow and excel in the sport. It’s a process that benefits both the team and the individual players involved.

EPFC holds tryouts twice a year for our club program, first in May/June of each year to form teams for the following fall season. A second tryout is held in October/November to form teams for the following spring season.

The tryout sessions will be held by age group and consist of drills, exercises, and scrimmages designed to allow the coaching staff to evaluate each player. More than skill is evaluated at each tryout session; we are also evaluating desire, potential and coachability of each player. Existing EPFC players MUST attend tryouts to be re-evaluated. Existing EPFC players are not guaranteed a spot on a team, even if they previously made a team. If a player cannot be placed on a team, we will offer them to be included in our recreational program.

Please attend each day of tryouts for your age group. If you have to miss any of your scheduled days or times, contact our Director of Coaching and let them know of your situation.